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Corporate and Executive

We provide Corporate and Executive Coaching Programmes for board members and senior executives within their organisations, working on an individual and team basis.


We develop personalised and customised coaching plans based on short-term and long-term developmental needs.  


We work on a one-to-one and team basis and will offer the most effective coaching format suitable.


We will look at individual issues and aligning company culture and values, and changes in the industry.


All sessions are confidential and aimed at enabling key players to achieve even more.  We have worked with individuals to develop:


  • Business Strategy

  • Change Management

  • Develop and communicate the business vision

  • Effective Relationships

  • Performance Management

  • Work / Life Balance

  • Time / Space Management

  • Career Development and Succession Planning

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Process Improvement

  • Strengthen High-Performance Team


We can deliver tailor-made coaching solutions to get the most from yourself and your team.  We recognise that your time is precious and we also offer bite-sized solutions.


Making people power a reality means providing the skills and tools to be the most effective person for your business and life.  Our coaches have expertise in leadership, values, company missions and communication.


  • Plan

  • Prepare

  • Go For It!