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Frequently Asked Questions:


Who should have a coach?

According to successful Google CEO Eric Schmidt, everybody needs

a coach.  Have a look at the clip:


A coach works with you to bring out your full potential through challenging,

highlighting, unlocking and holding you to account. A coach provides tools

and techniques that are invaluable for success.


People who use a coach are often:

Corporate Directors, Managers, Executives and teams who need to deal

with an ever increasing stressful, challenging and competitive workplace.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who need to realise their dreams and

exchange ideas for profit.

Private individuals facing issues or changes in their life who wish to make the right decisions to move forward.


How many sessions and for how long and where?

The number and frequency of sessions will be agreed to suit you.  All of our clients have different needs and we seek to understand and work to your agenda.  We are happy to come to your workplace meet at a comfortable central location, work with you on the telephone or via Skype


Popular coaching schedules are:

Performance coaching sessions x 3 over 3 months

Telephone reviews each month

Final review of goals, agree next steps and arrange feedback to commissioning client


Why should I find the time?

We also realise that it is hard for you to find the time for a coaching session, but we believe that your investment will deliver measurable benefits.


How can I get started?

Complete the Contact Us form or email [email protected] and arrange an introductory call.